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Tiberio Ventura - Percussion

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Tiberio Ventura, originally from Bologna Italy, but Londoner since 1993.

He's been teaching drums privately and in schools since 1996, but in 2004 he became a licensed teacher by Bromley Youth Music Trust and he's been teaching in primary and secondary schools ever since. He gained a very high standard of teaching technique, preparing his students to the Trinity Guildhall examinations from grade 1 to 8. In 2000 he graduated at the Thames Valley University (today West London University), in popular music and performance. As well as teacher he's been the band leader of a Salsa Latin Jazz band for 15 years, performing Afro Cuban rhythms with a wide range of musicians including Roberto Pla. He's today a composer and producer of music videos and he won an award with the International Independent Film Awards with the video "Frantic".

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