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Music Lessons at CSMC

CSMC is once again providing face to face tuition and a range of group lessons giving individuals the opportunity to learn and practice on their chosen instrument and also to play together with others.


Lessons are open to adults and children from complete beginners to more accomplished players. Whilst there is no upper or lower age limit, we normally suggest that students are aged at least 5 for instruments such as piano or percussion and 7 for instruments such as guitar or saxophone. In all cases the final decision on whether a student is able to benefit from lessons is down to the individual teacher. If in doubt please contact us and we can arrange a trial lesson.

CSMC provides music lessons on a variety of instruments and styles including: Drum Kit and Percussion, Piano, Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Singing and Music Theory. Each lesson is run by a professional music teacher and all our teachers are DBS registered


Music lessons at CSMC last 20, 30, 40 minutes, or longer if required. Lessons are charged in advance on the basis of a 10 or 11 week term, as follows:

20 minute lesson:         £21            10 week term:        £210              11 week term:       £231

30 minute lesson:         £28.75       10 week term:         £287.50        11 week term:       £316.25

40 minute lesson:         £36.50      10 week term:         £365              11 week term:      £401.50

​50 minute lesson:         £44.50      10 week term:         £442.50         11 week term:      £489.50

Family lesson:               £44.50      10 week term:         £442.50         11 week term:      £489.50

Please ask for pricing for other lesson times.

There is a pro-rata reduction for students joining part way through the term and a small reduction for the second and subsequent family member or for students taking more than one lesson. 

In addition, students who have an individual paid-for lesson are entitled to join one or more Group session for no additional fee. 


Every student who has an individual music lesson at CSMC may also join any of our groups for no extra charge. We currently offer group sessions in Rock, Jazz, Choir, Percussion, and Guitar Ensemble but we are always open to our students needs where there is real desire. Group sessions typically last 40 minutes.

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