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Chiswick Saturday Music Centre

The Chiswick Saturday Music Centre opened for the 2023 Autumn term s again on Saturday, 16th September 2023 for our 35th year of operation.


A full list of term dates for the 2023/24 academic year can be found here.

We are delighted to welcome several new teachers to CSMC for the new term, including: Maya Mitra who is a third year Kirby Laing Foundation Scholar at the Royal College of Music and will be teaching piano and woodwind instruments, Joe Orme also of the Royal College of Music teaching guitar (classical, bass and jazz) and also percussion/drums, and Lucy Ruuskanen, a British/Finnish musician, who is a third-year undergraduate student at the Royal College of Music and will be teaching piano and violin.

The 3 new teachers join our existing team of: Bob Broadley, Mike Reeman and Noris Schek on various guitars, Tiberio Ventura on drums and percussion, Maya Jordan on piano, Silva McQueen on piano and singing, Sanni Talvitie teaching violin, Katie Bunney and Annabella Trench on saxophone, flute, recorder and clarinet. Making a total of 12 teachers,

This year we are extending the Autumn and Spring terms by one extra week, making a grand total of 32 weeks in the year. This means that from September 2023 we will have 30 weeks of teaching in the year plus two concerts, one in the winter and one in the summer, making a total of 32 lesson weeks in the academic year.

Since before Covid, our fees have stayed the same and each year we aim to keep those down as much as we possibly can. But like everywhere else in the economy, there comes a point in time where we have to increase fees because of the need to balance them with being fair to and appreciative of our teachers, as well as considering our other outgoings, particularly the rent we pay for the use of Chiswick School. Our new fees starting in September 2023 will therefore be:


20 minute lesson:         £21            10 week term:        £210              11 week term:       £231

30 minute lesson:         £28.75       10 week term:         £287.50        11 week term:      £316.25

40 minute lesson:         £36.50      10 week term:         £365              11 week term:     £401.50


As ever, we assume that unless you tell us specifically that you're leaving the school or needing a change to the lessons, that your lesson bookings will remain the same. Our treasurer will also at some point over the summer start asking for the fees, since we need to have confidence in the lesson plans. So please do let us know as soon as possible about any changes.

CSMC first opened its doors in 1989, which means that next academic year will be our 35th year of operation. A massive achievement. Thanks is due to everyone who has taught, volunteered and helped run CSMC over the last 34 years.

Whilst things have certainly changed over the years, CSMC has stuck to its core philosophy of teaching its students to learn and participate in playing music for their and others enjoyment.

We maintain a waiting list for all instruments so if you're interested in learning to play or want to pick up where you left your musical journey, then do drop us a note by emailing CSMC on

Finally, the CSMC Committee would like to offer all our current and past teachers, students, their parents or guardians and all volunteers a hearty thank you for all your dedication, enthusiasm and effort over the last 34 years.

CSMC Committee

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